Letter from the Director

Congratulations on being accepted to the Luke18 Summer Leadership Program!

Right now, all across the earth, the Lord is raising up a movement of prayer and worship on college campuses that is exalting Jesus and contending for spiritual awakening and in our generation. We are excited to witness God calling forth young leaders who want to go beyond the superficiality of religious activity to pursue an authentic, biblical faith firmly rooted in intimacy with Jesus.

Luke18 Summer Leadership Program (SLP) is designed to train young leaders like yourself who are desperate to see Jesus encounter their hearts and encounter their campus. These three weeks in Kansas City will be a time of consecration before the Lord to hear His voice, go deeper in His Word, and prepare for the spiritual battle for your campus and for your generation.

Luke18 SLP is not for the fainthearted — by signing up for SLP, you will be giving yourself to three rigorous weeks of prayer, worship, study of the Word, and leadership development. In other words, SLP is not a summer camp — it will be more like boot camp. At the end of SLP, you may be a little tired, but we believe you won’t regret a moment of it.

We look forward to being with you this summer and seeing how we can move heaven and earth together!

Thai Lam

National Director, Luke18 Project