• Have a teachable spirit (Proverbs 2)
  • Be above reproach (1 Timothy 4)
  • Have a spirit of excellence (Colossians 3)
  • Be unoffendable and quick to forgive (Matthew 18)
  • Prefer your brothers and sisters in love with humility (Philippians 2)


  • Treat the opposite sex with respect & honor.
  • Refrain from unedifying or defiling speech, including gossip, murmuring, complaining, slander, sarcasm, and coarse jesting.
  • Possessing, watching, or looking at any form of pornography is prohibited.
  • Possession or consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or other non-prescription drugs/narcotics is strictly prohibited.
  • Bars, casinos, and nightclubs are strictly off limits.


  • Limit the amount of entertainment and social media on phones and computers.
  • No social media, web browsing, games, or videos during classes, prayer meetings, or SLP events.
  • Laptops/tablets may be used for Bible study and journaling in the prayer room only during devotional sets; laptops/tablets may not be used in the prayer room during intercession sets.
  • Laptops/tablets may be used in the classroom only for note taking.
  • Cell phones must be turned OFF during classes and prayer meetings.


  • Men are not allowed in the female housing quarters, and women are not allowed in the male quarters.
  • Our desire is to provide a sanctified living environment during SLP. Movies, television shows, secular music, and video games are not allowed.
  • Be considerate towards other’s possessions and space.
  • Keep beds made and personal spaces clean daily. • Keep common areas of your housing quarters tidy at all times.
  • No personal items may be hung on walls.


  • You are required to attend all SLP scheduled meetings and events.
  • Be 5 minutes early for all meetings.
  • We ask that you make every effort to honor this
  • time given to you and limit absences to personal or family emergencies. Please value this program as an intensive time of consecration to the Lord.


  • Holding a job (full-time or part-time) during SLP is not allowed.


  • Visitors are not allowed to stay in SLP housing.


  • Medication dosage prescribed by your doctor should NOT be discontinued or changed without the express written permission of your primary care physician.