It started at Harvard and Yale. It happened at Asbury and Wheaton. Prayer on college campuses has historically been at the forefront of God’s strategy to birth revival in a nation.

Join us in person this summer for a 21-day leadership experience designed to equip college students and campus leaders to contend for revival on their campuses and in their nations.

If you serve or live on a college campus, this is for you. Whoever you are, we believe God wants to give you an unshakeable faith in the midst of uncertain times.

Luke18’s Summer Leadership Program is an opportunity to receive live ministry training in prayer, intimacy, lifestyle, and leadership and to grow in family with fiery young leaders from across America. Daily schedule will include times in the prayer room, classroom training, practical ministry labs, family groups, and encounter nights.

Give 21 days of your summer to encounter God and grow in prayer, family, leadership, and faith for revival! We look forward to encountering God together with you this summer!

Program Info

  • Dates: June 18th – July 8th
  • Ages: 17–30
  • Application Fee: $25
  • Tuition (includes housing & meals): $950 (apply by May 23) | $1050 (after June 3rd)
  • Location: International House of Prayer, Kansas City
  • Questions?
Please note that upon submitting your completed application, we will contact you within 10 business days via email or phone to set up a phone interview. In most cases, you will be notified of your acceptance into the program within 5 business days of the phone interview. Upon your acceptance, you will receive an email with a letter of acceptance from us. Thank you for applying!


Week 1


During Heart Week, we will look at practical tools of intimacy to tend the garden of your heart. How and why do we keep our hearts pure before God? How is rest and Sabbath worship unto the Lord and how do we live a balanced life in following Jesus? How do we partner with God in personal restoration? And how do we, as prodigals or older sons, continually come home to a loving Father who always pursues us? One of our leaders has said the phrase, “The greatest person you’ll ever lead is yourself,” and we want to teach you to build a personal life in God that bears fruit.

Week 2


During Mind Week, we teach about what God has done, is doing, and has said He will do in order to give you perspective for these uncertain times. We will teach on revival history, the knowledge of God that grounds you in today, and the end times. We desire to prepare you to walk forward as a Christian and leader  rooted in confidence of who God is and what He is planning to do. 

Week 3


In our last week together, we push you out to lead in a safe environment. You will lead in our worship and prayer meetings. You’ll be encouraged to step out and try something new! During Hands Week, we equip you to love God and people well, wherever you are. Whether you are transitioning from college to young adult life or are struggling to find community, we hope to meet you where you are and give you tangible steps beyond this three week program. We hope to equip you to steward your life as a leader and to encourage you to lead from a place of the overflow in The Lord.