You only get spring break once a year. . .

why not invest it into your relationship with God? Join other fiery college students and campus ministry leaders from across America to encounter God and find family. Together, you’ll grow in intimacy with God the Father, find breakthrough in prayer, and cultivate faith for revival.

Your time in Kansas City at Spring Break Fuel School will include:

  • Prayer Room Hours: Spend long hours with Jesus in worship and studying the Word in our 24/7 prayer room. Your relationship with Jesus comes before any ministry obligation, and we believe you must be close to Him to lead others to Him. We also believe ministry starts with prayer; gain His heart and His understanding of your assignment as you sit in prayer with Him.

  • Practical Application Briefings: Learn practical tools to engage with Jesus that you can use right away. Some examples from previous years include how to hear God’s voice, how to study the Bible, and how to meditate on the Word. We schedule these thirty minute briefings before prayer room hours so you can have a chance to put these skills into immediate practice!

  • Classroom Teaching: Discover who God is, what He’s like, and what He’s doing through teaching sessions from IHOPKC and Luke18 staff. We believe the knowledge of God is crucial for growing in relationship with God.

  • Encounter Nights: Wait on the Lord through worship and prayer as a group. We can tell you who He is, but we also know He desires to encounter you with His presence and His heart. We try to clear our schedule to make room for Holy Spirit to come and encounter us.

  • Family Groups: Encounter true family as we do life together these five days. You’ll be split up into a co-ed small group, where we’ll eat dinner together, process our days, and contend for what God is doing in each other’s heart. As we are sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, we invite people into a safe environment to be vulnerable with each other. We hope that this space not only serves as a place of healing, but that family groups gives you a desire and a blueprint for how to do community back home.

  • Community: Grow in relationship with other fiery believers or our staff. God chose to reveal Himself in the family unit, giving Himself the terminology of Father and Son. Therefore, we believe family is a crucial part of God’s heart. Not only will you be part of a family group, but as an entire community, we spend time eating, sharing our stories, and praying together.

What better way to spend your spring break than to give it to Jesus? Apply today, or email us to get more information!

Program Info:

Please note that upon submitting your completed application, we will contact you within 10 business days via email or phone to set up a phone interview. In most cases, you will be notified of your acceptance into the program within 5 business days of the phone interview. Upon your acceptance, you will receive an email with a letter of acceptance from us. Thank you for applying!