The Preeminence of Christ

Above everything else, we are committed to the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things. Jesus, the matchlessly beautiful Son of God who was crucified to redeem the world and raised from the dead, is the unchallenged Sovereign of the universe and the only name by which men are saved. As such, all that we believe and do centers around this Man. Jesus Christ alone is our magnificent obsession, and He alone is worthy to be worshiped for all of eternity.

Unrelenting Prayer and Passionate Worship

We are committed to relentlessly calling forth and training leaders who are fully given to a lifestyle of fervent prayer and passionate worship. Our desire is to see a radical shift in this generation that moves beyond prayer meetings to a culture defined by persistent prayer.

Centrality of God’s Word

The Bible is the infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word of the one and only God. The Scriptures alone provide the entire basis for the mission, vision, strategy, training, and life within the Luke18 Project community.

Radical Discipleship

Through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, we seek to live our lives as radical disciples of Jesus Christ as defined by the Scriptures. Our leaders will be continually provoked to pursue the lifestyle of obedience to Jesus through living out the Sermon on the Mount on a daily basis. This expression of radical obedience will express itself through disciplines like fasting, simplicity, and radical giving.

Leadership Development

The great need of the hour is leaders who have been trained as “friends of the Bridegroom” and “burning and shining lamps” who bear witness to the light of the bright Morning Star. We desire to see a generation of young leaders emerge who are not focused on their own ministry successes, but the exaltation of Christ. We will intentionally train leaders in this leadership paradigm through hands-on leadership development, training, and life mentoring.

Bold Proclamation of Christ and Him Crucified

Rather than ministry focused on the felt needs of the moment, we desire to restore the pure and unadulterated gospel of Christ and Him crucified in our generation.

Committed Community

Knowing that we can go further together than by ourselves, we are committed to raising up vibrant communities in prayer and worship.